Health and Safety

Heath and safety are important priorities of SLYC.

Concussion Awareness

We strongly encourage all families to become familiar with concussion prevention, concussion symptoms, baseline testing, and dealing with concussion using our protocol which follows the components of Rowan’s Law.

If a participant in our programs has a concussion or possible concussion, the participant may be removed from the program.

As part of SLYC's commitment to concussion prevention, we are now encouraging all participants in sailing to wear helmets. Helmets designed specifically for sailing may be found at suppliers of water sports equipment.

It’s important to be able to recognize concussion symptoms, to seek medical advice if a concussion is suspected, and to understand the steps to follow in returning to sport following a concussion.  

Please click on the links below for Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport age-appropriate materials:

You may also wish to use this guide from Parachute Canada for athletes in general: 

Where an athlete or program participant has had a concussion or suspected concussion, they must temporarily stop participation in our programs.

Returning to sport after experiencing a concussion or a suspected concussion requires a doctor’s note.  The physician must state in a note to the athlete, or if the athlete is a child in a note to the athlete’s parent or guardian, that the athlete has “No concussion – athlete may return to:” Alternatively, the doctor shall write: "Concussion - athlete shall ..." (In other words the physician must state whether the athlete has had a concussion or not.) 

Here are the Return to Sport guidelines recommended by Parachute Canada:

(In 2020 the club will, in accordance with the requirements of Rowan's law, implement formal return to sport policies and procedures.)

We will also follow concussion policies as required by the sport associations that we belong to, such as Ontario Sailing and Ontario Tennis Association. 

Club Safety

Following is Emergency Information for Fire, First Aid, Defibrillators, and Severe Weather.

SLYC members are encouraged to become familiar with locations of emergency equipment on Juniper Island and to understand SLYC’s location information if calling 911.

The following is a quick reference guide for members:

Emergency Phone numbers:

  • Police, Fire, Ambulance: 911

  • Poison Control Ontario: 1-800-268-9017

  • Carveth’s Marina: (705) 652-6226

First Aid Kits – Locations

  • SLYC Clubhouse – Instructors Room

  • Tennis Hut

  • Juniper Island Store – at the back of the building in the Swimming Equipment Room

Epi Pens – Locations

  • SLYC Clubhouse in the First Aid Kit

Defibrillators (AED’s) - Locations

  • SLYC Clubhouse – Ground floor

Spine Boards – Locations

  • SLYC Clubhouse – Instructors Room

  • Juniper Island Store – at the back of the building in the Swimming Equipment Room

Fire Fighting Equipment – Locations

  • Fire Extinguishers – SLYC Clubhouse upstairs in kitchen

  • Gasoline powered pump with hose – SLYC dock box

Safe Areas during Severe Weather Events

  • SLYC Clubhouse, Instructors Room

  • Juniper Island Store: sit on the floor, stay away from windows

911 Calls

  • SLYC phone number: 705-654-4125

  • SLYC address:

    Stony Lake Yacht Club Inc.

    00506 – Island #18 Stony Lake

    PT of Juniper Island No. 18

    RP 45R2436 Part 1

    RP 45612709 Part 1

    AM280 Dummer, Stony Lake

Directions to SLYC:

  1. HWY 35/115 NORTH to Peterborough

  2. At Peterborough take HWY 7 EAST to stoplight at Hwy 28

  3. Turn left, NORTH, towards Lakefield

  4. Take Hwy 28 just past Lakefield and turn right on to County Rd. 6 (formerly Stoney Lake Road)

  5. Continue about 10 km to first stop at Hall’s Glen

  6. Turn left at Hall’s Glen and ½ km later, turn left again at McCracken’s Landing Rd.

  7. Follow McCracken’s Landing Rd to stop sign at the top of hill and turn left down Carveth’s Marina Rd. Follow ½ km to Carveth’s Marina.

  8. Travel to SLYC on Juniper Island from Carveth’s Marina by boat.

Directions from SLYC to Peterborough Regional Health Centre:

  1. Arrive at Carveth’s Marina

  2. Take Carveth’s Marina Rd., turn right at McCracken’s Landing Rd.

  3. Continue about 10 km to Hall’s Glen

  4. Take County Rd 6 into Lakefield

  5. At Lakefield Bridge, turn right.

  6. Continue on this road into Peterborough

  7. Follow signs for hospital