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SLYC Commodore's Letter, Spring 2018

Happy 2018 Stony Lakers!

I hope everyone is poised and ready for another fantastic Summer on Juniper Island.

The SLYC Board canvassed its membership in a “Fall 2017” survey, thank you to everyone who took the time to fill it out we received some terrific feedback.  We look forward to rolling out the 2018 season with the implementation of some of this feedback, so look forward to some enhancements to programming and operations this Summer. 

 We are excited to have James Sackville returning as the head of Sailing and Matt Halder returning as Head Pro along with Assistant Head Matt Scace.  Halder , whom is back to full health after undergoing double hip surgery is excited to help continue  fostering our  youth “on lake  instructors“  and will lead a Spring boot camp for this year’s instructors.  Also exciting to announce  is the rebuilding  of Court 1 , which was originally built  back in the 70’s and has been suffering in recent years of a somewhat compromised subsurface. Years of ant activity along with ground squirrels are showing their effects and painting/surfacing work has been required more and more frequently. This Spring or Fall ,depending on availability  , a new sub-base and asphalt layer  will be implemented  before  the new paint and fresh lines are laid down ,  restoring it to its former glory ..

We are in great hands again this year with incoming Junior Sailing Director Owen David.  Owen is no stranger to the Club, having been an SLYC student and sailing instructor himself during his teens. Owen was in charge of boat maintenance  back in his  day & brings  with him  a depth of  knowledge around boat care , something that  hopefully  he can  instill  in our current sailors & instructors .  A few new boats (420’s) will be added to the fleet this year and Toth Marine, a professional boat refinishing company has been commissioned to bring some of the existing fleet back to good health.

Instructors have always been encouraged to keep advancing their skills and knowledge, our current slate of instructors is currently enrolled in various different instructor level programs in anticipation for this 2018 Summer season.

The SLYC  welcomes some other new faces to the Board level  as well , Dave Newton long time Stony Laker as Treasurer, John MacKay as Property Director, and Shelagh Durno as Social Director . Strong representation from some of our general membership has also guided tennis and sailing subcommittees this year, a big thanks to those who volunteer and make Juniper and its various programs even better. 

The SLYC Board had the very difficult and sensitive exercise of ratifying  our operating budget for 2018.   With impacts from Bill 140 regarding new minimum wage labour standards and improvements to staffing and programming, the decision of the Board has been an approximate 10% fee increase to membership and programming fees. It triggers a call to action for your SLYC Directors and the staff to meet or exceed membership expectation regarding the condition and age of our fleet, the quality and ratio of instructor time for students, a balance of free court time versus private court time, as well as regard for the general state and condition of the club’s assets. The last fee increase was back in 2013 so it was a necessary move to enable SLYC to continue to provide quality programs while maintaining its infrastructure.

Lastly, I would like to encourage all Stony Lake sailors, old and new ,to come out and get involved in weekend racing. If you know someone new to the lake please share this open invitation to join the membership. Races run Saturday and Sunday at 1:30pm, it’s a healthy and social sport and crew of people with a diversity of boats and sailing talent ensuring a day of excitement for all involved. You can find more on the website about this and all SLYC programs at www.slyc.ca

See you at the lake,

Scott Wootton