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SLYC Commodore's Message: Summmer 2019


SLYC is set for another busy summer at Juniper with lots of news to share!  

Court 1 and the new Pickle Ball Court facility are nearing completion and will be ready in time for the first weekend of summer.

There are lots of new ways for members to get involved this year:

  • There’s Adventure Sailing for older new kids or for those who would like to sail outside the CANSail program (weeks 5 & 6),

  • having a try at Weekend Racing for any new comers (teamed up with the regulars July 6th), 

  • the fastest growing racket sport in town - Pickleball, or

  • even if you want to shoot some hoops, yes the Pickle Ball Court will also have basketball hoops for our up and coming Raptors on the lake. 

Fun fact - did you know that 75% of SLYC (Stony Lake Yacht Club) members are also members of the ASLC (Association of Stony Lake Cottagers)?  In fact SLYC members make up 50% of the total ASLC membership . If you are currently an SLYC member but not an ASLC member you may ask yourself why not? Did you know the ASLC owns & runs the store & pavilion, the regatta, swimming & canoe programs, environmental camp, square dancing, and movie night just to name a few . Please consider dual membership, the ASLC like us manage a large portfolio of assets and programs on a very small budget and your support is vital to their ongoing success .

Specific to SLYC we have lots of news to share, starting with the announcement of a newly created position “Executive Officer of Operations”. The primary goal in creating this new position is to enhance communications,  procedures, and performance measures, helping  ensure our programs are running as effectively as possible . With the numbers of kids enrolled in our program this new position is essential and it will allow  the Head of Sailing to focus more on ” time on the water for our young sailors” with less time managing the administrative issues.

We are excited to announce a new kids program “Adventure Sailing” which will focus on the basic enjoyment of sailing rather than competitive racing tactics. This program will start as a 2 week pilot program the first 2 weeks of August so register early if you are interested, space will be limited.

We are also excited to announce a new adult initiative, “New Weekend Racers”. Our regular weekend racers will host a “come try a sailing race” with the 420’s fleet. If you’ve wanted to see what weekend racing is all about, come out and join the regulars as you will be matched up with one of our weekend competitors to crew in a 420 fleet race.  The date of event will be Saturday July 6. . If you are a new adult sailor you might also be interested in weekend lessons with one of our certified instructors .

The SLYC fleet of boats has expanded this summer; our Echo fleet is aging and the SLYC Board Has investigated other 2-handed options. The “RS Zest” is the new boat in our fleet, check out www.rssailing.com

Court 1 resurfacing work started late last Fall and continued this Spring and will be ready in time for the summer season.  As an added bonus we are using the old surfacing material as a base for the new Pickle Ball and Multi-Purpose Court nearing completion on the hill between Courts 1 and 3.

The Stony Lake Slam again kicks off the season but will be held Sunday of the Canada Day long weekend so as not to interfere with the ASLC AGM. As an added bonus, this year’s ASLC AGM will be combined with Sustainable Cottaging Day with a variety of presenters speaking to issues of fire prevention, water quality, shoreline management, tree health, invasive species, just to name a few. If you aren’t a regular attendee of the ASLC AGM now you have another good reason to join in on Saturday of the Canada Day weekend.

Look forward to seeing everyone return to the lake, 

Scott Wootton