The purpose of the Stony Lake Yacht Club (SLYC) is to encourage participation in sailing, tennis, and social programs throughout the summer months on Juniper Island. 


The Stony Lake Yacht Club (SLYC) is a community-based club offering sailing, tennis and social programmes to Stony Lake residents and their guests.

SLYC provides a junior sailing program led by Sail Canada qualified CANSail Dinghy instructors.  The program stresses skill development using the CANSail Dinghy levels from CANSail 1 to 6 with on and off-lake racing available to the more experienced sailors. We also offer the Wet Feet program as well as private and adult lessons.  SLYC strives to develop the skills of junior sailors and provide them with an opportunity to share their skills and experience as instructors in the program.   

Sailing races take place throughout the summer, most of which are prized trophy events.  The weekend racing program encourages the participation of all ages, skill levels, and types of boats.  

The SLYC provides adult and junior tennis instruction; clinics, round robins and tournament play for all levels of players. Qualified Ontario Tennis Association instructors coordinate the tennis program.  SLYC creates an environment for social tennis among members and their guests.

The SLYC on Juniper Island is a meeting place for the community, where members and their families can socialize and share experiences.   SLYC strives to balance the traditions of the Stony Lake community with the needs of its members.


  • Provides a safe, fun learning environment
  • Pursues excellence in programming
  • Demonstrates proper etiquette in all our activities and respect for the environment
  • Demonstrates respect and equal opportunity for all members
  • Promotes good sportsmanship and fellowship
  • Recognizes superior achievements
  • Provides attractive opportunities for summer employment for our youth
  • Pursues skilled and responsible instructors
  • Promotes the heritage and traditions of Stony Lake

Codes of Conduct

SLYC Board Charter (Code of Conduct)

SLYC Instructor Code of Conduct (Sailing)

SLYC Instructor Code of Conduct (Tennis)

SLYC Parent Code of Conduct (Sailing)

SLYC Parent Code of Conduct (Tennis)

SLYC Participant Code of Conduct (Sailing)

SLYC Participant Code of Conduct (Tennis)