STONY LAKE YACHT CLUB Minutes of Special Meeting Saturday August 2, 2014


Minutes of Special Meeting

Saturday August 2, 2014

 Juniper Island, Stony Lake


Meeting called to order.


As outlined in the Notice of Meeting the purpose of the meeting is to discuss state 

of deterioration of SLYC building and docks and courses of action.

John stated that there were significant short and long term needs for 

infrastructure upkeep.

As well, the ASLC is facing significant issues regarding the store. 

An engineering assessment has been completed for both the store and the Yacht 

Club buildings and included 2 pages of recommendations. The Study stated that 

the Yacht Club building was safe for use this year and next year, however, for the 

store there were more significant issues. Discussions over this past winter 

between our Board and the ASLC Board have led to both Boards approving the 

concept of a joint fundraising campaign.

In the spring of 2014 the Yacht Club docks were damaged, thanks to Scott 

Wootton and Jeff Somerville and their efforts this spring the docks are presently 

usable but they are not in good repair from a long term standpoint.

Scott spoke to the current state of the docks and building. Scott stated that the 

building has a few foundation issues and issues with rafters and structure which 

were addressed in the engineer’s report. Grant Shewen has put in a quote of 

For background information, our understanding is that to rebuild the store is in 

the range of $350,000 to $400,000, the ASLC is deliberating on its course of action.

Today a quote was received from R&J Machine $280,000 to $330,000 for dock 

As such, the combined needs of ASLC and SLYC may be approximately 

John summarized available funds as SLYC $50,000, ASLC $50,000, then a 

combination of the fundraising campaign and Heritage Foundation for the rest.

Tax receipting is somewhat complicated with Heritage Foundation likely able to 

receipt for the Yacht Club Building and parts of the store, with Sail Canada able 

to receipt for docks to be used in the junior sailing program, for other docks there 

is some further clarification required.

John Heine stated that the store has to get done and that leads to the question as to 

whether SLYC wait a couple of years or enters into a joint campaign.

Don Walter asked what the approximate fundraising ask would be for the SLYC 

portion to go ahead now.

John stated the goal would be $300,000. Further, John stated that the building 

repairs should be sufficient for the long term.

John anticipates the Fundraising Committee would comprise approximately six 

Trillium funding will also be considered.

A discussion followed regarding the Store, Cindy Sibold and David Hahn were 

present representing ASLC and stated that feedback received indicated a desire to 

maintain the outside appearance of any rebuilding.

Bill Biggar queried what the timeline would be for the Store.

Cindy responded that for the July 2015 AGM of ASLC design to be available 

with construction starting in September 2015 and occupancy in June 2016

John Heine stated that SLYC timeline was to obtain approval for joint fundraising 

in August, 2014, with the Fundraising Committee meeting over the winter to 

establish strategy with fundraising over the summer of 2015.

ASLC has approved $25,000 for design and engineering.

John Heine, Jeff Somerville and Scott Wootton then discussed the state of the 

docks and the need for 45 boats and 100 sailors to be accommodated.

Don Walter agreed with a statement made by John Heine that barring natural 

disaster this ask will provide for at least 10 years of service.

Brian Sackville suggested that attention should be paid to windows and doors in 

the Yacht Club building when this work was being done.

Discussion followed regarding members voting at this meeting regarding the 

proposal to go forward with a joint fundraising campaign for the aforementioned 

requirements. It was concluded that members present be polled for their opinion 

on a proposal, but that a formal vote be deferred to the AGM at the end of the 

Don Walter made a motion that a recommendation from this meeting regarding 

joint fundraising with the ASLC and the Heritage Foundation regarding the docks 

and Yacht Club building be presented at the Annual General Meeting of SLYC 

and that tax receipting possibilities with the Heritage Foundation and Sail Canada 

Rob Welsh seconded the motion.

28 members present voted in favour of the motion, there were none opposed.

The meeting adjourned.