SLYC Minutes of Annual General Meeting - August 30th, 2014


M i n u t e s   o f   t h e   A n n u a l   G e n e r a l   M e e t i n g

Saturday, August 30, 2014

3 PM

Juniper Island, Stony Lake



1.      CALL TO ORDER AND WELCOME:  John Heine


     Meeting called to order.


2.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  John Heine


       John Heine suggested amendments to agenda to include Other Business: Proxy Voting and Vote to include Past Commodore on Board for another year


Moved by Rick Brooks-Hill and seconded by Scott Wootton. Approved by majority.


3.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES FOR THE 2013 ANNUAL GENERAL                                                          MEETING AND AUGUST 2, 2014 SPECIAL MEETING:  John Heine


Moved by Rick Brooks-Hill and seconded by Scott Wootton.  Approved by majority.





  John recognized the passing of Dr. Thomson, Rob Thomson’s father


              A moment of silence followed.



5.           COMMODORE’S REPORT:  John Heine


     John stated that we had concluded the cost sharing arrangements with ASLC covering       past taxes, septic and washroom operating costs.  John recognized Alex Parker’s efforts in resolving this matter.


     The Board has been working closely with ASLC regarding fundraising for infrastructure    on Juniper.


     As well, SLYC, in association with ASLC, submitted a letter regarding concerns with the Fraser property development.





6.     TREASURER’S REPORT:  Alex Parker


     Alex reviewed the 2013 financial statements in detail.

     He pointed out that for several years capital expenditures have exceeded operating profits             and that this was not a sustainable situation.  Alex stated that a combination of changes to   sailing fees and control over tennis pro costs would help with the 2014 results but that     there was more work to be done on this matter.


            Motion:  To accept the Financial Statements for 2013, as presented.


Moved by Don Walter and seconded by Rob Welsh.  Approved by majority.


Discussion followed regarding when the 2014 financial statements could be ready in draft form and available on the SLYC website, with a target date of June 30, 2015,


John Heine thanked Alex for his 3 years of service as Treasurer




The Audit Committee is composed of Rob Thomson, and Don Gillespie (Chair).  The Committee reviewed the financial results for 2013 and determined the books balanced and expenditures were appropriate.  The committee accepted the statements as presented for the year 2013

Motion:  To accept the Audit Committee’s Report.           


Moved by Caroline Anderson and seconded by Rick Brooks-Hill.  Approved by majority.



8. JUNIOR SAILING REPORT:  Jeff Somerville


Another great year with 3 weeks where there were over 100 participants in the program

10 of 12 instructors returned from the previous year

Program had a strong race focus

The combined level 1 and 2 program in the morning to allow afternoon tennis was well received

We sent 18 sailors for a day against Sturgeon Lake

All level 4’s went to Cottage Club at Lake of Bays, 22 participants, 3 instructors, 11 boats and 5 vehicles

Spoon races were held with handicapping system

Jeff thanked Janet Virre who was the parent coordinator, Alessandra Tattersall for looking after finances, Bryon Sackville for organizing the Bristol van, Elaine Sackville for organizing Cork accommodation, Cathy Kirk for arranging Cottage Club and James Sackville for his efforts as volunteer instructor.

Thanks as well to Tom Glas and Dave Wortzmann for another successful golf tournament

Jeff pointed out that Matt Ryder and Tom Ramshaw have been nominated to the Canadian laser team.


Bryon Sackville thanked Jeff for all his efforts this year.



9. TENNIS REPORT:  Dave Bart


            Court 3 built.

            Canadian based Pros will be the way of the future.

            Challenges were sign up procedures and weather.

            Revenues down slightly.

            Goals are to refine schedule, ensure free play availability, scheduling to accommodate        swimming instruction and develop lake pros.


            Bryon Sackville thanked Dave for his efforts




Stronger turnout in 2014 with 60 golfers, expectation is to net $9,300.

John thanked Tom Glas and David Wortzman for their efforts over the last 6 years and reported that we are looking for 2 new coordinators as well as other ideas for fundraising.





            John Heine thanked Michele Dundas Macpherson for her tireless efforts.

            From 2012 to 2014 membership has increased by 30 members.

            Continue making online system easier and training instructors and pros in its use.

            Catherine Kirk has agreed to take on the day to day operations role in the coming year.

            Drop-ins to lessons will be charged a financial penalty in the coming year.


Jody Scotchmer-Dembroski  thanked Michele, Dave Bart and Rick Brooks-Hill for everything they have done over the past year





Erik Reed to assist with communications work next year with a view to transition the following year.


13. SOCIAL:  John Heine


     John recognized Nick’s efforts and noted that Nick was handing off the role to Andrew     Leonard.

     John noted that Nick had organized the first ever euchre tournament in July and that we    hope it will grow next year


14.  WEEKEND RACING:  John Ryder


John recognized the starters, Molly Mackenzie and Brett Somerville.

Challenge is to get participation up

2 socials in July will carry on next year

Appeal for trophy repair last year resulted in 10 trophies refurbished over last winter at a cost of just under $4,000.  Thanks to:

Rob and Marnie Welsh

Peggy Mackenzie

Don Gillespie

The Ryder family  …WHO ELSE?


15.  PROPERTY:  Scott Wootton


     Spring dock damage brought our attention to the fact that some of the docks are on            borrowed time.

     We are starting a plan of what the best configuration would be and what priorities should be.

     Clubhouse:   received engineer’s report and have one quote for structural work as   recommended by the engineer, $40,000 plus tax for structural work only, there are also             other items we would like to see refurbished.

Discussion followed about the priority of repairs. John Heine pointed out that the engineer’s report in November 2013 stated that the structure should be fine for another 2 years. A weight bearing beam on the East/Lake side is in trouble as the crib upon which it rests deteriorates. This is definitely a priority item.

Ron Drake requested that the cost of resolving the issue with the beam be communicated separately in the event that donors may come forward to allow this repair to happen sooner than might be the case if we wait for the Capital Campaign. John Heine to discuss off-line with Ron.




On August 2, 2014 a Members open meeting was held regarding the Clubhouse structure and docks.

     One estimate for the Clubhouse structural work is $40,000 plus taxes, other items to be    addressed are stairs, doors and windows but the docks are the bigger item

     The Board has endorsed a combined fundraising plan with ASLC who have a larger need   since the engineer determined that the store is not structurally sound

     The August 2 meeting involved an informal vote of those present regarding agreement        that we should move forward with collaborative fundraising program to address our         capital needs, 28 members were present and they voted unanimously that this should        proceed

Funding available at present SLYC, $50,000, ASLC, $50,000, possibly $100,000 from Stony Lake Heritage Foundation, an application to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for $100,000 underway.

Discussion followed regarding tax receipts for Clubhouse (SLHF), sailing docks (Sail Canada), Tennis docks (Tennis Canada).  It was noted that commercial part of store would likely not be eligible for tax receipts.


Motion:  Approval for SLYC Board to decide capital priorities, determine costs and to work on a collaborative fundraising initiative with ASLC and tax receipting bodies         


Moved by Rick Brooks-Hill and seconded by Rob Welsh.  Approved unanimously.


John reported that a fundraising committee had been nearly finalized.






            The nominating committee is comprised of the following members:


            Rob Thomson (Chair)

            Jeff Somerville (member of the board)

            Rick Brooks-Hill (non board member)

            John Heine (non-voting)


            The following members are serving a second year of their 2-year term:


  • Jeff Somerville                        Junior Sailing

{C}·       Annie Bunting                         ASLC liaison  

             The following to be elected for a 2-year term:

  • Ashley Sloane                         Treasurer
  • Scott Wootton                        Property
  • Erik Reed                                Assistant Communications
  • Andrew Leonard                     Social
  • Catherine Kirk                        Assistant Membership

 The following to be re-elected for a 1-year term:


  • Rob Thomson                         Past Commodore
  • John Heine                              Commodore
  • Michele Dundas-MacPherson Membership

{C}·       Don Gillespie                          Secretary

  • Dave Offierski                        Communications
  • Dave Bart                                Tennis
  • John Ryder                             Week-end Racing


Motion:  That nominations cease and to approve the Nominations for the 2013-2014 Board of Directors, as presented.


Moved by Don Walter and seconded by Gary Durno. Approved by majority.





Motion:  To approve the acts and resolutions of the Board of Directors for the past year.


Moved by Don Walter and seconded by Bryon Sackville.  Approved by majority.


Don Walter thanks John and Board for their efforts.


Jeff Somerville thanks John Heine for his efforts and advancement in relations with ASLC.


19. OTHER MATTERS:  John Heine


{C}a)     {C}Proxy Voting


            John stated that implementation of proxy voting would require a change to our by-laws

            Rob Welsh made the point that people should come to the meetings and that he was not   in favour of proxy voting.

            After discussion John Heine stated that the Board would continue to consider the pros     and cons of allowing proxy voting.


{C}b)    It was noted that in order for the Past Commodore to continue to serve on the Board a motion was required:


Motion:  Our By-Laws provide that a Commodore may serve up to 10 consecutive years on the Board of Directors.  To assist with the orderly transition of accountabilities, the committee recommends that this meeting of members approve that Rob Thomson is permitted to continue for one year as Past Commodore.


       Moved by Louise Sugar, seconded by Alex Parker.  Approved by majority



20. Motion to adjourn:


Moved by Rick Brooks-Hill and seconded by Don Walter, Approved by all.