2015 Cottage Club Regatta Photos

Thanks to all who participated as well as those who volunteered to make this years event a big success. 

Nathan Glas was on the race course both days, documenting the action and snapping a large number of great photos.

You can view the 2015 Cottage Club Regatta photos here:


Thanks Nate!

Notice of SLYC Annual General Meeting



Saturday August 22, 2015

SLYC Clubhouse

3:00 PM

Agenda will be available on SLYC website prior to meeting

Please advise John Heine of any matters you wish to be included- 


Presentation of trophies will be made immediately following meeting

John Heine,

Commodore, SLYC

Minutes of 2014 AGM can be found here


2015 Race Team Letter

Hello Race Team Parents!

 We are looking forward to a fantastic racing season and to start working with the athletes as well as yourselves. Fortunately, the racing schedule is fairly evenly spread out this summer and none of the regattas are in conflict with one another. This means we have the luxury of attending all of the regattas in which we hope to participate for both 420s and 29ers, which hasn’t always been a reality in past years. We have included a tentative regatta schedule (below).

As in past years, the team will be participating in Steerer’s and Four Sisters Regattas (two regattas over 4 days at Port Credit). Unlike last year, both 29ers and 420s will be able to participate in the full four days of racing. This is due to 29er Canadians being held slightly later compared to previous summers. The race team will also be participating in CORK in August. The summer of 2015 will be Stony’s turn to host the annual Cottage Club Regatta, and we are planning on having the team participate this year in order to reclaim the title of best cottage club (rightfully so). Another interesting option for the race team this summer would be to attend the Fogh-Boorman Regatta held at Royal Hamilton Yacht Club in early July. We are presenting this regatta as an option because Steerer’s Regatta (which previously has been the first regatta of the summer for the race team) is being held a week later than usual. However, a decision on this regatta will only be made based on the athletes’ and your own interest in attending. We will also possibly participate in a day of racing with Sturgeon Lake (Stony would act as the host), which would provide some friendly competition and more intensive training.

We will be having a parent’s meeting on June 29th at 4:00 pm, during which we will further discuss the scheduling, as well as address other important topics such as transportation, chaperoning, accommodations and any other questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to your feedback and input, and are confident we can make 2015 one of the best yet for the SLYC race team!



Thomas Heine and Brett Somerville


2015 Commodore's Greeting

Commodore’s Greeting


The countdown to summer is on! Three short months to the start of programs!

The summer of 2014 was marked by increased demand for sailing and tennis instruction. The record number of Junior Sailors resulted in heavy use of our boats and we continue to replace aging boats with new ones, to ensure safety and competitiveness. We will be adding a new, intermediate double-handed boat, the "FEVA", to our fleet of 29ers, 420’s, Laser 2’s Optis and Echos. We hope this will expose those on the cusp of joining the Race Team to an easy-to-sail but competitive boat. An exciting new program for 2015 is Adult Learn-to-Sail, which will be taught by our Sail Canada certified instructors. SLYC will again host the Cottage Club Regatta this summer, and we anticipate participation by approximately 90 young sailors.  The sight of nearly 50 boats competing will be soul stirring!

The SLYC golf tournament has been a crucial source of revenue for new boat purchases for nearly 15 years.  David Newton has taken on the role of coordinating this event at a new venue-Wildfire. Volunteers are needed to form a committee which will be charged with organizing this critical event. A special appeal goes out to the parents of our Junior Sailors to step up and help make the tournament a success, either as a committee member and/or as a participant or sponsor. If you are willing to help, please contact me or David (mailto:dcnewton60@gmail.com).

The highlight of last summer’s tennis season was the opening of Court 3 in late July. The third court will ease demand created by strong participation in programs, and allow our members access to more free play. Look for a new plaque courtside to recognize the many donors who made construction of the court possible. We will continue to seek Canadian Head and Assistant Head pros.

Concerns about the deteriorating state of the Yacht Club docks, Clubhouse and the Juniper Island Store prompted discussions between SLYC and ASLC and resulted in a decision to approach infrastructure needs jointly. At the 2014 AGM the Board received a strong mandate to explore means of addressing these concerns. We are therefore proud to be mounting the "Juniper Island Next Generation" fundraising campaign with ASLC. The funds raised will ensure that our Island community, the heart of the Lake, remains a strong focal point for us and for generations to come, allowing continued participation in the many programs and community events that the Island hosts. Information regarding this vital project will be distributed in April and it is essential that the whole community supports this initiative.  All contributions will be deeply appreciated.

Our social events continue to bring members together. Main events in 2015 will be the August long weekend Social and the blowout end-of-season Sailors Dinner/Dance which will again feature a lower price for young adult members. Please note that the date of the Dinner has been moved up to August 22, to be more inclusive of membership. We also hope to build on the success of last summer’s inaugural euchre afternoon – watch for the date.

Weekend racing is a long-standing tradition at SLYC. We would love to see sailors of all ages and abilities out on the race course. First gun is usually at 1:30 PM Saturdays and Sundays. Two adult learn-to-race clinics will again be held with the dates to be announced.  

In an effort to remain responsive to the needs of our membership, and to guide future strategic direction for the Club, the Board will be distributing a survey in May. Please take 10 minutes to complete it and provide comments. All suggestions will be considered!

We are very proud of the strong ISAF results posted by two of our alumni, Tom Ramshaw and Matthew Ryder, as they compete with the Canadian National  team. For up-to-date news, go to http://www.sailing.org/worldcup/results/ and click on “Laser Men”.

On-line registration and simplified membership categories have made access to programs easier for individuals and families. Check out the website http://www.slyc.ca for periodic newsletters keeping all abreast of new programs, important dates and upcoming events. In particular, note that the date of the AGM will be August 22, the same day as the Sailors’ Dinner. For further information or if you have questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to contact me (heinej@shaw.ca) or any SLYC Director.

See you all out on the Lake!

John Heine


Stony Lake Yacht Club

2015 SLYC Tennis Job Openings

The Stony Lake Tennis Club is accepting applications for the position of Junior Tennis Pro for the 2015 tennis season (July and August).
Job Title: Junior Tennis Pro
The Junior Tennis Pro will work in conjunction with the Head Tennis Pro and the SLYC Tennis Director to provide on court instruction to players of all skill levels. The Junior Tennis Pro is responsible for the youngest players and their overall safety and enjoyment, along with assisting the Head Pro in adult clinics. 
Ideal candidates should possess the following qualifications:      
         •           Entry level tennis instructor- OTA Level 1 certificate minimum
         •           Current First Aid & CPR certification is beneficial
         •           Reasonably acceptable level of tennis ability
         •           Must be punctual, reliable and organized with good communication and telephone skills
         •           Enjoy working with players of all ages (4 – adult) coaching group lessons
         •           Overall leadership of each group, adults and/or kids
         •           Assist in development of program plans for each day including coaching goals
         •           Be able to communicate with parents effectively
         •           Friendly and energetic with an ability to engage people
         •           Must be able to motivate and encourage students
         •           Be available for special events
         •           Based on experience and qualifications
Please submit all resumes, with references to Dave Bart at dbart@act.bm by February 20, 2015.

SLYC Minutes of Annual General Meeting - August 30th, 2014


M i n u t e s   o f   t h e   A n n u a l   G e n e r a l   M e e t i n g

Saturday, August 30, 2014

3 PM

Juniper Island, Stony Lake



1.      CALL TO ORDER AND WELCOME:  John Heine


     Meeting called to order.


2.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  John Heine


       John Heine suggested amendments to agenda to include Other Business: Proxy Voting and Vote to include Past Commodore on Board for another year


Moved by Rick Brooks-Hill and seconded by Scott Wootton. Approved by majority.


3.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES FOR THE 2013 ANNUAL GENERAL                                                          MEETING AND AUGUST 2, 2014 SPECIAL MEETING:  John Heine


Moved by Rick Brooks-Hill and seconded by Scott Wootton.  Approved by majority.





  John recognized the passing of Dr. Thomson, Rob Thomson’s father


              A moment of silence followed.



5.           COMMODORE’S REPORT:  John Heine


     John stated that we had concluded the cost sharing arrangements with ASLC covering       past taxes, septic and washroom operating costs.  John recognized Alex Parker’s efforts in resolving this matter.


     The Board has been working closely with ASLC regarding fundraising for infrastructure    on Juniper.


     As well, SLYC, in association with ASLC, submitted a letter regarding concerns with the Fraser property development.





6.     TREASURER’S REPORT:  Alex Parker


     Alex reviewed the 2013 financial statements in detail.

     He pointed out that for several years capital expenditures have exceeded operating profits             and that this was not a sustainable situation.  Alex stated that a combination of changes to   sailing fees and control over tennis pro costs would help with the 2014 results but that     there was more work to be done on this matter.


            Motion:  To accept the Financial Statements for 2013, as presented.


Moved by Don Walter and seconded by Rob Welsh.  Approved by majority.


Discussion followed regarding when the 2014 financial statements could be ready in draft form and available on the SLYC website, with a target date of June 30, 2015,


John Heine thanked Alex for his 3 years of service as Treasurer




The Audit Committee is composed of Rob Thomson, and Don Gillespie (Chair).  The Committee reviewed the financial results for 2013 and determined the books balanced and expenditures were appropriate.  The committee accepted the statements as presented for the year 2013

Motion:  To accept the Audit Committee’s Report.           


Moved by Caroline Anderson and seconded by Rick Brooks-Hill.  Approved by majority.



8. JUNIOR SAILING REPORT:  Jeff Somerville


Another great year with 3 weeks where there were over 100 participants in the program

10 of 12 instructors returned from the previous year

Program had a strong race focus

The combined level 1 and 2 program in the morning to allow afternoon tennis was well received

We sent 18 sailors for a day against Sturgeon Lake

All level 4’s went to Cottage Club at Lake of Bays, 22 participants, 3 instructors, 11 boats and 5 vehicles

Spoon races were held with handicapping system

Jeff thanked Janet Virre who was the parent coordinator, Alessandra Tattersall for looking after finances, Bryon Sackville for organizing the Bristol van, Elaine Sackville for organizing Cork accommodation, Cathy Kirk for arranging Cottage Club and James Sackville for his efforts as volunteer instructor.

Thanks as well to Tom Glas and Dave Wortzmann for another successful golf tournament

Jeff pointed out that Matt Ryder and Tom Ramshaw have been nominated to the Canadian laser team.


Bryon Sackville thanked Jeff for all his efforts this year.



9. TENNIS REPORT:  Dave Bart


            Court 3 built.

            Canadian based Pros will be the way of the future.

            Challenges were sign up procedures and weather.

            Revenues down slightly.

            Goals are to refine schedule, ensure free play availability, scheduling to accommodate        swimming instruction and develop lake pros.


            Bryon Sackville thanked Dave for his efforts




Stronger turnout in 2014 with 60 golfers, expectation is to net $9,300.

John thanked Tom Glas and David Wortzman for their efforts over the last 6 years and reported that we are looking for 2 new coordinators as well as other ideas for fundraising.





            John Heine thanked Michele Dundas Macpherson for her tireless efforts.

            From 2012 to 2014 membership has increased by 30 members.

            Continue making online system easier and training instructors and pros in its use.

            Catherine Kirk has agreed to take on the day to day operations role in the coming year.

            Drop-ins to lessons will be charged a financial penalty in the coming year.


Jody Scotchmer-Dembroski  thanked Michele, Dave Bart and Rick Brooks-Hill for everything they have done over the past year





Erik Reed to assist with communications work next year with a view to transition the following year.


13. SOCIAL:  John Heine


     John recognized Nick’s efforts and noted that Nick was handing off the role to Andrew     Leonard.

     John noted that Nick had organized the first ever euchre tournament in July and that we    hope it will grow next year


14.  WEEKEND RACING:  John Ryder


John recognized the starters, Molly Mackenzie and Brett Somerville.

Challenge is to get participation up

2 socials in July will carry on next year

Appeal for trophy repair last year resulted in 10 trophies refurbished over last winter at a cost of just under $4,000.  Thanks to:

Rob and Marnie Welsh

Peggy Mackenzie

Don Gillespie

The Ryder family  …WHO ELSE?


15.  PROPERTY:  Scott Wootton


     Spring dock damage brought our attention to the fact that some of the docks are on            borrowed time.

     We are starting a plan of what the best configuration would be and what priorities should be.

     Clubhouse:   received engineer’s report and have one quote for structural work as   recommended by the engineer, $40,000 plus tax for structural work only, there are also             other items we would like to see refurbished.

Discussion followed about the priority of repairs. John Heine pointed out that the engineer’s report in November 2013 stated that the structure should be fine for another 2 years. A weight bearing beam on the East/Lake side is in trouble as the crib upon which it rests deteriorates. This is definitely a priority item.

Ron Drake requested that the cost of resolving the issue with the beam be communicated separately in the event that donors may come forward to allow this repair to happen sooner than might be the case if we wait for the Capital Campaign. John Heine to discuss off-line with Ron.




On August 2, 2014 a Members open meeting was held regarding the Clubhouse structure and docks.

     One estimate for the Clubhouse structural work is $40,000 plus taxes, other items to be    addressed are stairs, doors and windows but the docks are the bigger item

     The Board has endorsed a combined fundraising plan with ASLC who have a larger need   since the engineer determined that the store is not structurally sound

     The August 2 meeting involved an informal vote of those present regarding agreement        that we should move forward with collaborative fundraising program to address our         capital needs, 28 members were present and they voted unanimously that this should        proceed

Funding available at present SLYC, $50,000, ASLC, $50,000, possibly $100,000 from Stony Lake Heritage Foundation, an application to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for $100,000 underway.

Discussion followed regarding tax receipts for Clubhouse (SLHF), sailing docks (Sail Canada), Tennis docks (Tennis Canada).  It was noted that commercial part of store would likely not be eligible for tax receipts.


Motion:  Approval for SLYC Board to decide capital priorities, determine costs and to work on a collaborative fundraising initiative with ASLC and tax receipting bodies         


Moved by Rick Brooks-Hill and seconded by Rob Welsh.  Approved unanimously.


John reported that a fundraising committee had been nearly finalized.






            The nominating committee is comprised of the following members:


            Rob Thomson (Chair)

            Jeff Somerville (member of the board)

            Rick Brooks-Hill (non board member)

            John Heine (non-voting)


            The following members are serving a second year of their 2-year term:


  • Jeff Somerville                        Junior Sailing

{C}·       Annie Bunting                         ASLC liaison  

             The following to be elected for a 2-year term:

  • Ashley Sloane                         Treasurer
  • Scott Wootton                        Property
  • Erik Reed                                Assistant Communications
  • Andrew Leonard                     Social
  • Catherine Kirk                        Assistant Membership

 The following to be re-elected for a 1-year term:


  • Rob Thomson                         Past Commodore
  • John Heine                              Commodore
  • Michele Dundas-MacPherson Membership

{C}·       Don Gillespie                          Secretary

  • Dave Offierski                        Communications
  • Dave Bart                                Tennis
  • John Ryder                             Week-end Racing


Motion:  That nominations cease and to approve the Nominations for the 2013-2014 Board of Directors, as presented.


Moved by Don Walter and seconded by Gary Durno. Approved by majority.





Motion:  To approve the acts and resolutions of the Board of Directors for the past year.


Moved by Don Walter and seconded by Bryon Sackville.  Approved by majority.


Don Walter thanks John and Board for their efforts.


Jeff Somerville thanks John Heine for his efforts and advancement in relations with ASLC.


19. OTHER MATTERS:  John Heine


{C}a)     {C}Proxy Voting


            John stated that implementation of proxy voting would require a change to our by-laws

            Rob Welsh made the point that people should come to the meetings and that he was not   in favour of proxy voting.

            After discussion John Heine stated that the Board would continue to consider the pros     and cons of allowing proxy voting.


{C}b)    It was noted that in order for the Past Commodore to continue to serve on the Board a motion was required:


Motion:  Our By-Laws provide that a Commodore may serve up to 10 consecutive years on the Board of Directors.  To assist with the orderly transition of accountabilities, the committee recommends that this meeting of members approve that Rob Thomson is permitted to continue for one year as Past Commodore.


       Moved by Louise Sugar, seconded by Alex Parker.  Approved by majority



20. Motion to adjourn:


Moved by Rick Brooks-Hill and seconded by Don Walter, Approved by all.



STONY LAKE YACHT CLUB Minutes of Special Meeting Saturday August 2, 2014


Minutes of Special Meeting

Saturday August 2, 2014

 Juniper Island, Stony Lake


Meeting called to order.


As outlined in the Notice of Meeting the purpose of the meeting is to discuss state 

of deterioration of SLYC building and docks and courses of action.

John stated that there were significant short and long term needs for 

infrastructure upkeep.

As well, the ASLC is facing significant issues regarding the store. 

An engineering assessment has been completed for both the store and the Yacht 

Club buildings and included 2 pages of recommendations. The Study stated that 

the Yacht Club building was safe for use this year and next year, however, for the 

store there were more significant issues. Discussions over this past winter 

between our Board and the ASLC Board have led to both Boards approving the 

concept of a joint fundraising campaign.

In the spring of 2014 the Yacht Club docks were damaged, thanks to Scott 

Wootton and Jeff Somerville and their efforts this spring the docks are presently 

usable but they are not in good repair from a long term standpoint.

Scott spoke to the current state of the docks and building. Scott stated that the 

building has a few foundation issues and issues with rafters and structure which 

were addressed in the engineer’s report. Grant Shewen has put in a quote of 

For background information, our understanding is that to rebuild the store is in 

the range of $350,000 to $400,000, the ASLC is deliberating on its course of action.

Today a quote was received from R&J Machine $280,000 to $330,000 for dock 

As such, the combined needs of ASLC and SLYC may be approximately 

John summarized available funds as SLYC $50,000, ASLC $50,000, then a 

combination of the fundraising campaign and Heritage Foundation for the rest.

Tax receipting is somewhat complicated with Heritage Foundation likely able to 

receipt for the Yacht Club Building and parts of the store, with Sail Canada able 

to receipt for docks to be used in the junior sailing program, for other docks there 

is some further clarification required.

John Heine stated that the store has to get done and that leads to the question as to 

whether SLYC wait a couple of years or enters into a joint campaign.

Don Walter asked what the approximate fundraising ask would be for the SLYC 

portion to go ahead now.

John stated the goal would be $300,000. Further, John stated that the building 

repairs should be sufficient for the long term.

John anticipates the Fundraising Committee would comprise approximately six 

Trillium funding will also be considered.

A discussion followed regarding the Store, Cindy Sibold and David Hahn were 

present representing ASLC and stated that feedback received indicated a desire to 

maintain the outside appearance of any rebuilding.

Bill Biggar queried what the timeline would be for the Store.

Cindy responded that for the July 2015 AGM of ASLC design to be available 

with construction starting in September 2015 and occupancy in June 2016

John Heine stated that SLYC timeline was to obtain approval for joint fundraising 

in August, 2014, with the Fundraising Committee meeting over the winter to 

establish strategy with fundraising over the summer of 2015.

ASLC has approved $25,000 for design and engineering.

John Heine, Jeff Somerville and Scott Wootton then discussed the state of the 

docks and the need for 45 boats and 100 sailors to be accommodated.

Don Walter agreed with a statement made by John Heine that barring natural 

disaster this ask will provide for at least 10 years of service.

Brian Sackville suggested that attention should be paid to windows and doors in 

the Yacht Club building when this work was being done.

Discussion followed regarding members voting at this meeting regarding the 

proposal to go forward with a joint fundraising campaign for the aforementioned 

requirements. It was concluded that members present be polled for their opinion 

on a proposal, but that a formal vote be deferred to the AGM at the end of the 

Don Walter made a motion that a recommendation from this meeting regarding 

joint fundraising with the ASLC and the Heritage Foundation regarding the docks 

and Yacht Club building be presented at the Annual General Meeting of SLYC 

and that tax receipting possibilities with the Heritage Foundation and Sail Canada 

Rob Welsh seconded the motion.

28 members present voted in favour of the motion, there were none opposed.

The meeting adjourned.




Saturday August 30, 2014


Location: SLYC Clubhouse

Agenda will be available on SLYC website prior to meeting

Presentation regarding possible joint SLYC/ASLC fundraising 

campaign will be made. At conclusion of discussion a motion 

authorizing the Board to proceed with fundraising will be 

presented for vote by membership.


Please advise John Heine of any matters you wish to be included-


Presentation of trophies will be made immediately following 


John Heine,

Commodore, SLYC

SLYC Summer Events

Hello SLYC!

This is a FINAL reminder for the SLYC Golf Fundraiser and the First Annual SLYC Euchre Tournament being held this Saturday (July 12th), and a reminder for you to pick up discounted Dinner Dance tickets (discount ends August 2nd) 

Golf Tourney this Saturday July 12th 

Golf kicks off at Katchiwano Golf and Country Club at 8am on Saturday morning. You can registerhere on the SLYC website . This tournament is the largest (and most fun) annual fundraiser for the Yacht club. Moneys raised are essential to keeping the programs running and updating our fleet.  

If you can't join the fun, you can still support SLYC by making a donation to the CYA.  More details here.   

Current parents of SLYC sailors are strongly encouraged to participate.  Your kids need fast boats!

If you have any suggestions or would like to get involved please contact DavidWortzman@medcan.com  

Euchre Tournament is also this Saturday July 12th

Euchre starts at 4pm (following Golf) in the Yacht Club. Feeling rusty or don't have a partner? Come at 3:30pm for a euchre lesson and to find a teammate. Snacks and drinks will be provided. Please consider bringing a team appetizer and your own chairs. 


Saturday August 2nd

* Family friendly August Long Weekend Social 4-7pm. 

* This also marks the last day to get discounted Labour Day Dinner Dance  (August 30th) tickets (see below). 

Saturday August 30th

Don't miss the annual Labour Day Dinner Dance! We are please to announce the triumphant return of SLYC's favourite cover band The Binders! Buy get your tickets today! Tickets can be purchases on the SLYC website 


We are in need of volunteers to help with potatoes, salads, tomato slices, corn, desserts, and clean up. Please let Nick (nstrzalk@gmail.com) know if you are interested. It would be greatly appreciated.


Saturday July 19th and 26th 

Join us at the yacht club  after the afternoon weekend races for a cold refreshment and a post-race debrief on the days events.  This will be a great way to improve your racing tactics and skills.

Inquiries: Contact John Ryder 


2014 SLYC Racing Team Notice + Schedule

Racing Parents,

We are excited for the upcoming sailing season and look forward to getting to know all of you better. This summer the regatta schedule is slightly different from past years, due to the occurrence of the 29er World Champs that will be held in Kingston at the end of July. We have created a tentative schedule for the upcoming summer (below).

We are confident that both YODE and CORK are regattas we wish to attend as a full team. For the 420’s, we will be attending Four Sisters and potentially the Steerer’s Regatta which will make it a 4 day long trip. For the 29er’s, the decision between accompanying the 420’s to PCYC or attending 29er North Americans will have to be made. This will be made based on comfort levels of the sailors, the size of the fleet at PCYC, and input from parents and sailors. 

We were hoping to get a rough grasp on numbers by determining which families had 29er’s that they were hoping to have their children sail. From this, we can further discuss the best options for both the 420’s and 29er’s in terms of which regattas we feel are best to attend. We are also considering friendly regattas between our race team and the race team from Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club to provide more intensive training and balance out the rest of the summer.

We look forward to hearing back from you and finalizing the racing schedule at the Parents meeting June 29 at 1:00pm 

Any feedback on scheduling, transportation, accommodations would be greatly appreciated.


Blair Mackenzie                          Nathan Glas

Head Race Coach                      Assistant Race Coach




Canadian Sailing Team Member and SLYC Athlete, Matthew Ryder Provides a Summer Update

Dear Stony Lakers,

I have heard that this past winter was an extremely cold and unreasonably long one, and I am sure that everyone is counting down the days till a summer spent on Stony Lake. Fortunately I have been able to avoid most of the cold weather this year while training and competing – in the Laser Class - in warmer climates. For me January was spent in Miami preparing for my first peak event of the year, the ISAF Sailing World Cup: Miami. This event is not only the largest North American event on the calendar it is also the final qualifier for the Canadian National Team. This year I managed to post one of my best regatta results to date with a 22nd overall finish. The result was good enough to qualify for a spot Canadian National Team for the first time in my career! There are now two Stony Lake boats on the team with Tom Ramshaw qualifying for what is now his third year on the team.

After the winter season in Florida it was time to look towards the European Spring season. In the past I have competed in only one or two European events each year, largely as a result of a limited budget. This year with my new funding from the national team I planned to spend significantly more time in Europe and compete in five different events. I arrived in Europe, in Palma, Spain, on March 23rd. My first two events were the ISAF Sailing World Cup events in Palma and Hyeres, France. They were both very well attended events with fleets of 160 and 130 boats respectively and many of the top laser sailors in the world in attendance. In both events I struggled to make the adjustment to the larger more competitive fleets, compared to North American racing, and I finished in the 79th and 91st respectively. Tom managed two solid results making Gold Fleet in each event; the fleets are split in half midway through each event. In Hyeres Tom managed a particularly respectable result with a 35th overall finish.

The goal of my Europe trip was to gain experience and with that in mind I headed to my next event, the Garda Trentino Olympic Week held on Lake Garda, Italy. The event in Garda was a great learning experience and I felt that I made some significant improvements. The regatta finished yesterday, May 10th, and I ended up in 38thoverall after qualifying for Gold Fleet for my first time in Europe.

Next up I head to Medemblik, The Netherlands to compete in the Delta Lloyd Regatta. This will be my fourth year in a row competing in this event. It will be a slightly smaller fleet compared to the other events but I expect that it will still be very competitive at the top end of the fleet. After Holland I travel to Split, Croatia for the final event of my European season, the European Championship. At the Europeans there will once again be a large, world class fleet and it will be a good measuring stick for me to see how I’ve improved since the beginning of this trip. For anyone who would like to follow along with my results for the remainder of my Europe trip and beyond check out my campaign website at www.matthewrydersailing.com and for more frequent updates you can like my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/matthewrydersailing.

I’d also like to announce a fundraising event that Tom and I are planning for this summer on Stony. We are working with Nick Strzalkowski to add a silent auction and other activities to the social on August 3rd. We hope to see lots of people that night to catch up, talk about sailing and help Tom and I raise money to attend the World Championships in Santander, Spain in September. If anyone would like to donate anything to the silent auction or has any ideas for donations please contact me at itsryder10@gmail.com. Any and all donations and ideas are greatly appreciated as every small contribution goes a long way to helping us achieve our goals and to represent SLYC on the international stage.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see everyone this summer, at the social on August 3rd if not before. Regards,

Matthew Ryder

Junior Sailing Welcome Letter

Welcome Sailors,

The winter of 2014 was probably one of the longest, coldest winter many of us can remember. However, the first day of spring, March 20th, is quickly upon us and the Junior sailing program is busy preparing for yet another sailing season. Stony Lake has a long standing tradition of not only running a fun and professional Junior sailing program in a cottage setting, but producing some top instructors and world class sailors. It is that special combination of a cottage environment coupled with the commitment and enthusiasm of volunteers, instructors and students that allow us to achieve this and to continue to grow as a club.

The junior sailing program registration at its peak saw 106 kids descend on the yacht club for a day of lessons from beginners to advanced racers. We expect this summer to have a similar number of sailors and are ready for another great sailing season.

In the spirit of continuous improvement we have added a July "Wet Feet" program, a CanSail 1&2 morning session for those enrolled in Little Aces and Junior drills for tennis (limited enrolment), added a one month Level 1 Racing program for CanSail 5 and  an Adult learn to sail program. We will also be looking at introducing racing at a younger age as part of our mentoring program. All of these were initiated by feedback from our students, parents and instructors, so keep those ideas coming!

Our Instructor Team for 2013 has 11 returning instructors and 2 new instructors. Together they represent 23 years of instructing experience.

Head Instructor: Madeline Mackenzie - returning for her fourth summer as an SLYC instructor.

Head Race Coach: Blair Mackenzie

Race Coach: Nathan Glas

Instructors: Alex Gillespie, Thomas Heine, Molly Mackenzie, Scott McFarland, Ben Pirie, Brett Somerville, Leah Somerville, Graeme Strathdee, Luka Ryder-Bunting and Robin Moffatt.

Sailing will begin June 30th, 2014. For an outline of the schedule, please see page 5 of the 2014 Junior sailing parents package below.

We encourage all our junior sailors to participate in the weekend racing and to bring out their parents as well.

If you have any suggestions or concerns please contact me at jjsomer@hotmail.com. If you have questions on the sailing sessions or CanSail levels please contact Madeline directly at madeline.n.mackenzie@gmail.com 

Looking forward to a great summer on the water.

Jeff Somerville

Director of Junior Sailing

2014 Commodore Welcome Letter

Dear SLYC Members,

As winter continues to work it's March magic, knowing that a Stony summer is only three-and-a-half months away is keeping me going! The winter of 2013/14 will surely make us appreciate the beautiful summer Lake days all the more.

Summer programming is complete and will be fantastic! Re-organization of select CANSail 1 and 2 timeslots will allow those interested in both sailing and tennis to participate. Thanks to Jeff, Michele and Dave Bart for working together to make this happen. We anticipate continued strong demand for Junior Sailing and Tennis so please go to the website and register early.

Our young sailors will continue to enjoy the benefits of sailing in Optimists. This is an ideal boat in which to learn and hone racing skills. Five of these international class boats were donated to the Club last year and we would love to continue to build this fleet. If you would like information on how to organize the tax-deductible donation of an Opti, contact Jeff Somerville or me.

The annual Golf Tournament will take place on July 12. Shotgun start and best ball at 08:00h. The funds raised allow Junior Sailing to purchase a new sailboat annually and raise the level of safety and competitiveness for our young sailors. Junior Sailing parents: your children directly benefit from this initiative. We need your support-on the golf course or in the form of hole sponsorship-to make this fundraiser a success.

Following strong support by members for construction of a third tennis court, Drain Bros. was engaged for the project. Thanks to all who generously contributed during our fundraising drive, allowing us to completely cover the cost of construction. The timeline remains uncertain-look for a newsletter update in May.

Membership has been modified to reconcile and simplify some of the categories, including a new, price-reduced fee for those 21-29 years of age. We are hoping to keep this vital age demographic involved in Club activities as they finish school/training and begin careers. Thanks to Michele for all her work on this.

David Offierski continues to refine and strengthen our on-line platform which supports the website and electronic registration. Head instructors will have tablets at the Yacht Club and the Tennis Hut to facilitate on-site registration or extension of your child’s enrollment in a programme.

Nick has another great summer of social activities in the works. Coming together as a group is a great way to meet new people and share our love of the Lake. Plan to attend the Social on Saturday, August 2. Once again, a family-friendly format will be featured. The Sailors’ Dinner will take place on Saturday, August 30. This year a vegetarian and a lower-priced dinner option for young adults will be offered. Buy your tickets early to save money.

Weekend racing continues to be an important part of our Stony Lake heritage. Simplified fee categories will be apparent when you register. John Ryder is working to make the races more accessible to participants of all ages and skill levels by holding an adult race clinic, and holding periodic “debrief” sessions at the YC, post-race.

Together with the ASLC, SLYC is planning a number of infrastructure projects over the next several years in order to maintain our docks, property and heritage buildings. We are also working with the ASLC to identify operational activities that could be consolidated to improve efficiency and economy. As close neighbours, a unified approach will strengthen our two associations and our community on Juniper Island.

Finally, look for an on-line survey which will be sent out in the next 4 months. As part of the process of reviewing our Mission and Vision statements and our strategic direction, membership input will be vital. Your feedback is always welcome and can be directed to me or any of the Directors.

See you all soon!

 John Heine


Stony Lake Yacht Club


SLYC Junior Club Program Description

Program Descriptions

Wet Feet (previously AnkleBiters)

This is a programme offered to children aged 7 or 8 according to demand and instructor availability, usually one session (two-week period) in the month of July and one session in August. It serves as an introduction to sailing for those too young to enroll in White Sail 1 (minimum age 9 years).  The program emphasizes the fun aspects of sailing, both on-land and on-water.

CANSail 1

The beginner CANSail levels are designed to teach Basic Sailing skills.  No sailing experience is necessary.  This level is typically taught over 2 weeks.  A verbal evaluation will be given by the instructor(s) at the end of each session, as a well as a written evaluation which will emphasize strengths and point out weaknesses.  The basis of this evaluation will consist of a checklist developed by our Junior Sailing programme which incorporates, at a minimum, the CYA's expectations for that level.  This evaluation will determine if the sailor is ready to advance to the next level.

CANSail 2

This level’s curriculum will be taught over four weeks. The intent is to consolidate basic sailing skills in heavier breezes before the sailor progresses into more advanced levels.  Sailors must be able to consistently demonstrate an ability to handle the boat safely in such conditions and the evaluation checklist is again modified using the CYA's criteria as a minimum standard.

CANSail 3

CANSail 3 sailors learn more advanced sailing skills taught over a four-week period. The sailor must be able to demonstrate, at a minimum, the skills laid out in the CYA logbook on a consistent basis.  He/she should begin to show interest and willingness to participate in afternoon or weekend races and are expected to accept some responsibility for boat maintenance and show some aptitude for instructing.  Bringing a positive attitude conveying a desire to participate and excel becomes increasingly important at this level.  Evaluation remains largely skill based, as previously outlined, but attitude and maturity, as demonstrated by a desire to learn and accumulate skills independently are also traits required to advance to the next level.

CANSail 4

This curriculum is also taught over a four-week period.  The majority of sailors will require 2 to 3 exposures to the level in order to master the skills necessary to advance to the next level. The goal is to hone technical and theoretical sailing skills, and differs from CANSail 5, which focuses on refining those skills for the purpose of racing.

Evaluation is now more complex. Minimum expected skills are laid out in the CYA logbook. The instructor must have the opinion that that the student is comfortable demonstrating these skills consistently, and is now ready to focus on applying them in the racing situation.  The sailor is expected to show a strong interest in racing through consistent participation in Commodores, Spoons and weekend racing. A level of independence with regard to rigging and maintaining boats and equipment is expected (and in fact comprises part of the CYA criteria for this level).  Sailors should demonstrate a positive attitude and work effectively as part of a team with instructors and fellow sailors.  Age and physical readiness to cope with the demands of racing will also be considered.

*CANSail 5 - Level 1 Racing - New this year

This program is identical to the CanSail 5 curriculum but accommodates for those individuals who can only participate for one month of the program or for those who cannot commit to the numerous regattas. Racing schedule will be confirmed by June 1st to assist in planning for the summer. Please see the attached outline for more information.  Additional training for double-handed boats, Chutes and Wires, will be introduced at this stage and possibly in CANSail 4 as well.  Sailors will apply the skills mastered during the first 4 levels in a racing environment. Specific racing tactics and sailing theory are emphasized.  Several seasons of racing are usually required for a sailor to attain CANSail 5.

CANSail 5 - Level 2 Racing

This programme extends over the entire summer (eight-weeks) and will replace the previous Silver VI level. Additional training for double-handed boats, Chutes and Wires, will be introduced at this stage and possibly in CANSail 4 as well.  Sailors will apply the skills mastered during the first 4 levels in a racing environment. Specific racing tactics and sailing theory are emphasized.  Several seasons of racing are usually required for a sailor to attain CANSail 5.

Participation in this level requires a significantly greater commitment from sailors and their parents. Sailors are on the water every day and a double-handed boat can't sail unless both skipper and crew are present. The team will participate in approximately 4 off-lake regattas, culminating in CORK in Kingston during the third week of August.  Responsibility for the team is undertaken by a Parent's Committee (see Policy for Off-Lake Events), which will be responsible for organization of transportation and supervision of sailors at these events.  A team manager and treasurer should be selected prior to the season. Blair & Nathan will contact you to set up a parents' meeting during the first weekend in July. Racing schedule will be confirmed by June 1st to assist in planning for the summer.

Registration, transportation, food and accommodation costs will be discussed at the Parent's meeting.  For the summer, an outlay of approximately $1,500 /sailor (last season's approximate total) can be anticipated.

The evaluation process is similar to that outlined for CANSail 4.  Race results are also considered as a reflection of the techniques and tactics acquired throughout the season.  Sailors are expected to take command of their own learning and show a keen interest in their own skill development with specific focus on racing.  A positive attitude, aptitude for rigging and boat maintenance, the ability to work in a team setting, and an affinity for teaching will also be considered.

CANSail 6

This is an advanced racing level for those who are either too young to apply to be an instructor, or choose to race for another season.   The team trains with the CANSail 5 sailors and participates in some of the same regattas.  The Yacht club provides the coaching, but the students are expected to provide their own sailboat.  This is a program that is occasionally offered should the potential enrolment numbers make it feasible. 

**The CYA log book is available for purchase from the Ontario Sailing Association or may be found online at www.sailing.ca**

**Instructors will make their best effort possible to provide their sailors with fair and accurate evaluations. Students on the cusp of passing will be informed to ensure that they are aware of this and are prepared for either outcome.  The written evaluation will be given to each sailor at the end of the session.**

Parents are encouraged to discuss their child's progress with the responsible or Head instructor.  Instructors will make themselves available Friday afternoons after 16:00h or at the end of each day upon request.**