SLYC Finishes First in Cottage Club!

By all measures, the Cottage Club Regatta, hosted by SLYC, was a huge success! 

Our sailors won gold (and lots of silver and bronze) in four of the five fleets, resulting an overall first place finish for SLYC. Congratulations to all CC sailors, coaches and members of the support team – what a great way to showcase the results of the hard work you’ve put in to develop your sailing skills and race strategy.   

Results:  see this link for podium photos

Gold Medal Winners:

Opti:  Blaine Rishor, SLYC

Feva: Sinclair Lavallee and Jake Rix, Sturgeon Lake Sailing Club

Laser: Matthew Dunford, SLYC

29er: Sam David & Chris Ahmed, SLYC

420:  Jack Jacobs & Ellie Andersons, SLYC

Cottage Club was a success off the water as well. We met our goal of reducing waste by eliminating plastic water bottles, recycling paper, plastics and organic waste, and were left with two bags of garbage, which was a large task given that we fed and entertained more than 90 sailors and 20 coaches over two full days! 

We recruited more than 25 eager SLYC volunteers who helped with everything from making sandwiches to directing traffic flow as trailers arrived at and departed from Carveth’s (a big thank you to Randy and his crew for the generous support they provided). 21 families opened their cottages to host 60 billets and gave our visitors a taste of life at Stony Lake.

One of our instructors stated that he has been involved in 6 Cottage Club Regattas as a sailor and coach and he thought this was the best one he had been attended.

Thank you to the Cottage Club Organizing Committee of Susan Fisher, Cynthia Goodlchild, Scott and Kara Walsworth, Colin Kinnear, David Hahn, Jen Rishor, and Sarah David. A big thanks also does to the Junior Sailing instructors who, organized, coached, billeted, ran the race committee and scored the event. Lastly an enormous thank you to all who volunteered for this amazing event. You are the heart and soul of this community based regatta! 

Owen David

Junior Sailing Director