Tim Walter, Head Pro


Tim will be returning to the lake as the head coach for the month of July in 2017 having been the head coach at SLYC from 2007-2010.  In this new role Tim will be working on court with members of SLYC as well as training the club's junior pro's who will take over the running of the tennis program for the month of August.

An award winning coach, Tim comes to to the club with a wealth of experience having directed clubs all over the world.  His list of achievements include:

  • British Tennis LTA Hertfordshire Venue Commitment Award, Winner 2016 - Langley TC
  • Herts Sports Awards Community Male Coach of the Year, Finals Nomination 2015
  • British Tennis LTA Hertfordshire Club of the Year, Winner 2015 - Langley TC
  • British Tennis LTA National Awards Club Coach of the Year, Finals Nomination 2015
  • Dacorum Sports Awards Male Coach of the Year, Runner Up 2014
  • Dacorum Sports Awards Male Coach of the Year, Runner Up 2013
  • Dacorum Sports Awards Club of the Year, Runner Up 2013 - Langley TC
  • British Tennis LTA National Club of the Year, Winner 2013 - Langley TC
  • British Tennis LTA National Coach of the Month, Winner September 2011

We look forward to having Tim's expert instruction and leadership skills back on the lake for another great summer of tennis.


Connor Smith

I have been a member of the SLYC tennis community since I was 6 years old and my continuing role as an Assistant Tennis Professional at SLYC is one of my proudest achievements. I am indebted to the incredible instruction that I received at SLYC and the mentorship from this amazing tennis community. This year, coming off my training at IMG Academy, I was able to compete for and secure a spot on the Western Men’s Tennis Team. After winning the OUA championship in November, I look forward to competing at Nationals in August. I am looking forward to returning for another great season on Stony Lake and the opportunity to make a positive contribution to our community tennis programs. See you this summer!


Matt Scace

Stony Lakers! After another chilly Canadian winter, I couldn’t be more excited to get back to one of the most unique tennis communities in the world. Since I became a staff member in 2014, the community has welcomed me with open arms and makes the chance to come back every year irresistible. It has been a whirlwind of a year for me, as in September I began my post-secondary experience at Queen’s University where I was able to compete for the tennis team (with not quite the same level of success as Connor). I am honoured to be named one of your pros for the summer of 2017, and it goes without saying that this would not be possible without Matt Halder’s mentorship for the past two summers, who will not be returning this season. I’m itching to get back on the courts with every member and hope to continue the great program that has a long-running history of laughs, exercise, and sun. See you all in July!


Kyra Wells

I'm very excited to be joining the tennis hut this summer. I am 17 and going into my final year of high school in the U.K. I love to watch and play tennis and look forward to teaching the sport. I have played tennis competitively for the majority of my life, competing for clubs as well as my school. Last summer I was the head canoeing instructor on Juniper and this job taught me a lot of communication and organisation skills that I am sure I will be able to apply in this new position. I am friendly and approachable, and am excited to have the opportunity to interact with new people on the lake.


Chris Plant

This will be my third summer working at SLYC, building on last year’s experience managing the Junior Program. Over the past year I have worked at The Badminton and Racquet Club and will be attending university in the fall. I look forward to an exciting summer filled with enthusiastic instruction. See you on the court!