SLYC 2019 Junior Sailing Head Instructor Job Posting

Stony Lake Yacht Club is now accepting summer job applications for Junior Sailing Head Instructor.

If you possess keen leadership skills along with a strong sailing background, you enjoy teaching others, and you are interested in leading the SLYC Junior Sailing program for 2019 as Head Instructor we would like to hear from you.  

The program will run from July 1 until August 23, 2019. Applicants must have advanced instructor qualifications.

Responsibilities include:

·        Working with the Executive Officer of Operations in overseeing the day to day operations of a large junior sailing program with enrollment of approximately 110 students per week in peak weeks

·        Assisting the Junior Sailing Director with a variety of tasks in advance of the season

·        Managing the spring set up in late June and season end teardown

·        Managing a large staff of 16 to 18 instructors

·        Ensuring CANSail curriculum delivery is geared to our seasonal operation.

·        Overseeing the maintenance and repair of the clubs 50+ sailboats and the club coach boat

A full job description may be viewed below.

Please send your resume detailing your sailing/teaching qualifications and achievements, as well as a cover letter and reference letters to Owen David, Director of Junior Sailing at by February 15, 2019.  Please indicate SLYC Head Instructor Application in the subject line. In your covering letter indicate why you feel you would be a good leader for the program and a short overview of your approach and ideas for creating the best possible experience for our students and instructors.  Telephone interviews will be held shortly after the application deadline.

Owen David

Junior Sailing Director

Stony Lake Yacht Club

Junior Sailing Program

Head Instructor Job Description (20190130)

The Head Instructor is responsible to and will report to the Junior Sailing Director.

 The basic responsibilities will be those listed with “instructor” and will also include the following:


1.               It is the Head Instructors responsibility to ensure that the club house and surrounding grounds, including the docks, are kept orderly, clean, safe and in good repair.  Minor repairs may be performed by the Head Instructor and staff.  The Director must be notified of any major repairs which may be necessary.  Removal of garbage, security and repairs must be monitored at all times.  1 week prior to the start of the season the head instructor will be expected to make all purchase, inventory, communications to various players/directors etc to ensure that all is in order for the start of the year

 Boats and Equipment

  1. Inventory, repairs and maintenance of all sailboats and crash boats is the responsibility of all instructors with the assistance, direction and coordination of the Head Instructor.  A pre and post-season inventory of all parts and equipment (sailboats, coach boats, tools, spare parts and teaching aids) will be drawn up by the Head Instructor and be made available to the Director. At season end oversee the boat survey and storage, compiling part and repair requirements

  2. The Head Instructor will ensure that daily maintenance is performed as necessary

Staff and Program

1.               The Head Instructor has overall responsibility for the sailing program and will coordinate with the instructors all course curriculum, class lists, student testing and certification procedures, maximizing time on the water.

2.               The Head Instructor will identify those returning students who were close to attaining the next CANSail level during their last season in order to ensure that these students are moved through the CANSail curriculum at the appropriate pace, should they demonstrate the required skills

3.                The Head Instructor will assist in the interview and hiring process. Expect a minimum 25 hours will be spent coordinating, interviewing and following up with Directors of The Board. All Instructors are to report to the Head Instructor. The Head Racing Coach will coordinate racing activities with the Head Instructor.

4.               The Head Instructor will be responsible for the evaluation record for all sailing students. The Head Instructor is to ensure that all instructors are performing regular bi weekly and program exit Checklick updates for all students, Checklick reports are to be recorded and tracked.  

5.               The Head Instructor will conduct and maintain an evaluation of each instructor.

6.               The Head Instructor will be responsible for organization of entertainment, banquets, and trips which involve sailors.  Off-lake racing trips will be coordinated with the Racing Coach, Parent Volunteers, and the Director.

7.               The Head Instructor is responsible for all inventory and sales of sailing related items.

8.               The Head Instructor will be responsible of development and teaching assignments related to private lessons.

9.               The Head Instructor will be expected to be an active participant in the teaching of junior sailors.

10.            It is to be expected that the Head Instructor will actively participate in races during the season.


1.               The Head Instructor must ensure that adequate safety procedures have been set up and that all staff and students are trained in these procedures in preparation for any emergency.  Swimming tests are mandatory for all students.  The Head Instructor is responsible for ensuring that safety standards are maintained at all times and that all instructor certifications are up to date and valid.

2.                The Head Instructor will ensure that communications and safety equipment is functioning and in place whether at the club or on instructor boats

 Code of conduct

1.               The Head instructor will abide by the code of conduct as set out in Sail Canada and Sail Ontario licensing criteria and the SLYC’s policies.

2.               The Head instructor will inform the Director of Junior Sailing of any violations of the code of conduct by the staff of instructors in a timely manner.


1.               The Head Instructor will have responsibility for and control of a petty cash fund for daily expenses.  Any expenses greater than $150 must be approved by the Director.

Club Opening and Closing

1.      The Head Instructor is responsible for coordinating and supervising the program set-up in the spring and shut-down for the winter. This will include replacement of equipment and arranging repairs for the next season where possible. This includes safe storage of the boats to and from the Yacht club and Pavilion and pagoda as per protocol.


1.               The Head instructor will liase with Junior Sailing Director beginning in Fall prior to season ahead and through winter to hire staff and help coordinate information for budget setting purposes and staffing needs for upcoming year

2.               The Head Instructor will meet weekly with the Director of Junior Sailing for enrolment and program update and for general information.

3.               The Head Instructor will communicate weekly with the Director of registration, an attendance summary to compare to the enrolment list.

4.               The Head Instructor will submit a final report to the Director which will include student enrolment, student sailing levels and awards, instructor evaluations and recommendations.

5.               The Head Instructor will be available to present to the members at the AGM a brief report about the season as well as hand out awards presented to the junior sailing members.

6.               Ensure that all “accidents” and “incidents” are reported the same day to the Director of Junior Sailing, and that written reports are properly prepared, signed and communicated

7.               Communications

  • A-    The Head Instructor will ensure that all complaints are Documented and Managed appropriately, including reporting to the Director of the Junior Sailing.

  • B- Ensures that Instructors communicate progress weekly to students including improvement needed

  • C- Ensures that Instructors present Sail Canada appropriate certificate to students that pass their level Program, and in writing the reasons why the student did not pass.