Welcome to 2018 will be coming soon.  Here is the 2017 welcome:

Welcome to the 2017 season for Weekend Racing on Stony Lake.  Weekend racing is one of the longest standing traditions on Stony that offers a fun and competitive activity for all.  With a mix of old sloops and catboats to the modern designs, each race is a picturesque scene.  Everyone is welcome from experienced to developing, young and old, big and small.

This year we will be re-introducing some awards to help encourage participation in the weekend racing program.  In addition to each individual race award that will be presented at the Annual General Meeting, we will also be presenting awards for the Overall Top Junior Racer (16 & Under), Top Instructor and Overall Top Weekend Racer.  Best 5 finishes of the 2017 weekend race series will be counted towards the overall standing for each of these awards so make sure to get out often!

Additionally, we will be hosting some clinics / post-race debriefings to help racers develop their understanding of Racing Techniques, Strategies and Rules.  Stay tuned for additional details.

Members may register for the 2017 race season or have the option to pay for races individually.  Fees for individual races are:

1)$15 for single-handed boats

2)$25 for double-handed boats

Fees will be billed following each weekend race to the membership card on file.  Their must be at least one member in each boat.  Students and Instructors in the SLYC Sailing program are free of charge.

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.49.28 AM.png

As the schedule stands, there are 30 opportunities to race this season!  Support your SLYC community, challenge yourself and your family, and have the flexibility to race whenever you feel like participating.  Young or old, novice or veteran, we encourage you to participate in a rewarding family and individual sport.

1.Races start at 1:30 pm, so make sure to make it out on time.

2.The course will be an Olympic on days with one race and Modified Olympic on days with two or more races (see diagram below).

3.Starting sequence: 6 minutes -  3 minutes – Go!

4.The fleet is first to start (all boats not in a class).  Class is defined as 3 boats of the same design in starting area 10 minutes before start.

5.Order of starts for class: Flying Scott, Laser ll, Laser, Catboat (starts will be 3 minutes apart)

6.If you areever unsure of start order or the course to be sailed you can always ask the race committee before the start of the race.


What to expect on race day

There are two optionsof preferred race courses that depend on the number of races scheduled for the day of the race.  As follows:

1.A race day with one race – Olympic Course

2.A race day with two races – Modified Olympic Course

Starting Sequence

Warning signal: 6 minutes

Preparatory signal: 3 minutes

Starting signal: Go!