Q:  If my child has a friend visiting, can I register them in sailing?

A: No, you cannot register a child for whom you are not the legal guardian.  Their parent needs to log in online, become members and register their child.



Q:  If my child has a friend visiting, can I register them for tennis?

A: Yes, you can register them as a guest and pay the guest fees for up to 3 classes.  Please email slycinfo@gmail.com to register.  Members are given priority if the class if full.



Q:  Why I am I being asked to provide my child's birth certificate?

A: We review the birth certificate for all new sailors in WetFeet and CanSail 1 to ensure that the sailors are the correct age for the safety of all the participants.



Q:  I am a grandparent.  Can I register my grandchild?

A: We require the legal guardian to register the child.  Please have the child's legal guardian/parent register them.



Q:  My child is 7 years old.  Can I register my child for WetFeet?

A:  You must be 8 years old as of July 1, 2018 to register for WetFeet.  If your child is not the correct age,  they should wait for next year and we will be excited to see them then.



Q:  How old does my child have to be to participate in CanSail 1?

A:  Your child must be 9 years old by July 1, 2018.



Q:  My child is 10 years old and has never sailed.  What level should I register them in?

A: You should register your child in CanSail 1.  This is the starting point for all new sailors.



Q:  Can I sign up for tennis clinics online?

A: Tennis clinic sign up is available via the binder of clinics at the hut. You can also call and request a sign up in the binder at 705 654 4125 during the 8 weeks of the SLYC programming.



Q:  The class I want to register for is full.  Is there a waitlist?

A: Please email slycinfo@gmail.com and provide the information on the full class so we can verify it is full.  We don't maintain waitlists but can confirm that the class is full.