Welcome to Stony Lake Tennis 2014.  We are very excited to continue the process of growing tennis at all levels across the Stony community.  

If you have already purchased an SLYC Membership Package, you can now register yourself and family members for 2013 Tennis Programs using Mindbody.  

Junior Tennis Programs


Junior Tennis

Junior Tennis

Junior Tennis 

Little Aces (ages 7-8)- Introduce the child to slightly more advanced tennis skills. Instruction will focus on grips, eye hand movement, footwork and their coordination on the court. This will begin the overall development of skills required for future tennis instruction.

Junior Drills (ages 9-10)- This level is more advanced with the kids using regulation equipment as well as the full court.  Instruction will focus on advanced grips, stroke technique and court management. There will also be introductory strategy of playing singles and doubles points.

Junior Drills (ages 10-12)- This class is for the more advanced player.  Ideally participants in this class have been part of the program in previous years and or have other tennis playing experience.  Instruction focuses on an advanced level of play and strategy for singles and doubles. There will also be great emphasis on technique, balance and movement on the court.

Teen Drills (ages 12-16). This class is designed for the more advanced player. The participant should have a thorough understanding of the key components of the game. Emphasis will be on a wide variety of concepts including technique, mental skills, conditioning skills and also competition. We will also focus on both singles and doubles strategy play. A healthy competitive environment will be present in this class.

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Adult Clinics are designed for players are all levels including those who are new to the game.   Clinics consist a wide variety of drills that focus on the basic singles and doubles tactics. Some drills will be high intensity and other will focus more on technique as well as stroke improvement. Strategy, point play, movement and decision making on court are also integral parts of all of our clinics. Adult programs have proven to be a huge success over the past years providing individuals the opportunity to improve their games in a relaxed social setting.

Guest Policy

Members will be allowed to bring guests for “free play” as many times as they would like throughout the summer.  Each guest will be asked to pay $15 per visit to the courts.  In addition adult guests will be eligible for programming (clinics/private lessons) to a maximum  of one time per summer.  The cost for a guest to participate in organized programming will be 2 x the amount paid by a member.  For example, if an adult clinic costs $25 for the member then any accompanying guest would be required to pay $50 in order to join the clinic.  It is also important to note that guests will only be eligible to participate in the programming should space be available 2 hours prior to the start of the program.  In other words, members always take precedent over guests as long as they have signed up 2 hours prior to the start of the program. 

Junior guests will be entitled to 1 week worth of programming per summer assuming space is available.  The cost for junior guests will be 2 x the amount paid by a junior member.  Junior members will take precedent under all scenarios.